The Lake District – A Cultural Landscape Under Threat

In October 2017 a ‘Save the Lake District’ lobby group presented a petition to the CEO of the Lake District National Park Authority, requiring the Authority to start proceedings for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to close a network of green lanes in the central Lake District to recreational motor vehicles. The petition continues to run at, is full of false statements and misrepresentations, and creates an apparently widespread perception of guilt whilst providing no option to challenge the claims made. In 2018 the lobby group further petitioned the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO asserting that by not banning recreational motor vehicles the Lake District National Park Authority was violating its then recently achieved World Heritage status.

Local recreational motor vehicle interest clubs led by LARA’s North Region Liaison prepared a critique report to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee which exposes and refutes the many false claims and misrepresentations included in the Save the Lake District papers. The report was copied to the Lake District National Park Authority and Historic England in order that they were also made aware of the many false claims in the Save the Lake District papers.

You can read the report on the Papers and Reports by Others page of this website.