Anti-Social and Unlawful Motoring in the Countryside

We are pleased to announce the publication of a major new LARA report on Anti-Social and Unlawful Motoring in the Countryside. This LARA report, and the associated LARA paper on Driving Conduct and Traffic Offences, explain what is anti-social and what is unlawful, with an explanation of the measures already available to tackle both. The report is available on the LARA – Publications page of this website.

This is the fourth (although only the second to be published) of four LARA reports intended to ‘shadow’ the four principal topic areas of the MSWG:

  • The status of unsealed unclassified roads. LARA report published September 2018.
  • Traffic regulation: orders and other measures. LARA report to be published Summer 2019.
  • Surface standards and repair. LARA report to be published Spring 2019.
  • Anti-social and unlawful motoring. LARA Report published March 2019.

We welcome all comments, and suggestions for clarification or improvement. LARA and its Member Organisations are ready and willing to work with highway authorities, the police, and non-motorised user groups, to address anti-social and unlawful motoring in the countryside.