Site surveys


During the passage of the Deregulation Bill (now the Deregulation Act 2015) through its various committee stages, LARA became concerned that those opposed to motorised vehicles in the countryside were making unsubstantiated claims, often based on anecdotal ‘evidence’, about the mileage and condition of both UURs and BOATs nationwide. LARA initiated two surveys to be carried out in parallel. The first was to record the actual condition of all UURs and BOATs in a small number of specific areas. This became known as the ‘Site Survey’ and the first set of results are linked below. Others will be added as they become available.

The second survey, which is still ongoing, is to determine the true length of all UURs and unsealed BOATs on a county-by-county basis (we know that published figures are inaccurate at best and wildly inaccurate at worst). The results of this second survey will be published when complete.

The Site Survey results

Download and/or read the site surveys from the links below, but please be aware that they are all very large PDF files and may take a significant time to download.