Current activities

With the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG), the Motoring Stakeholder Working Group (MSWG), and the Rights of Way Review Committee (RoWRC), all on indefinite ‘hold’ due to Brexit disruption in the relevant Government departments, LARA’s major current activities are now (Spring 2019):

Updating LARA Publications and Reference Documents

We have issued a number of Publications and Papers over the last six months, and are currently working on a major update of our Traffic Management on Unsealed Public Roads report. We plan to issue a new revision of this report in Summer/Autumn 2019.

Section 33 Authorisation Procedures

We have been involved for some time, alongside the ACU and MSA, in negotiations with Powys CC about their proposals for changing the way in which “Section 33” authorisations are granted within the County. This topic has now been widened to include other authorities where more onerous procedures are being introduced. LARA intends to publish a ‘best practice’ guidance document on the subject during Spring/Summer 2019.

Page updated : 2 May 2019