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  • The Trail Users Code. Natural Resources Wales. September 2020. A revised and updated version, now part of the NRW Countryside Code Family. View/Download.


  • Landscapes Review. DEFRA. September 2019. The ‘Glover Report’ on the Designated Landscapes Review, commissioned by the government in response to the 25 Year Environment Plan.1. View/Download.
  • TRO Discovery Project. Summary Report. DfT/GeoPlace. August 2019. View/Download.


  • Public Spaces Protection Orders. Guidance for councils. Local Government Association. February 2018. View/Download.


  • Guidance for Local Authorities on Public Rights of Way. Welsh Government. October 2016. View/Download.
  • Comparison of the planning systems in the four UK countries. Inter-Parliamentary Research and Information Network (IPRIN). January 2016. View/Download.


  • Stepping Forward. Natural England. March 2010. The Stakeholder Working Group on  Unrecorded Public Rights of Way:  Report to Natural England. View/Download.


  • Guidance on Local Access Forums in England. DEFRA. Revised March 2009. View/Download.


  • Part 6 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 and Restricted Byways. A guide for local authorities, enforcement agencies, rights of way users and practitioners. DEFRA. Version 5 – May 2008. View/Download.


  • Illegal use of public rights of way and green spaces with public access by mechanically propelled vehicles. DEFRA. Final report. September 2007. View/Download.
  • Guidance for National Park Authorities making Traffic Regulation Orders under section 22BB Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. DEFRA. September 2007. View/Download.


  • Wales Off-road Motorcycling Steering Group, Annual Report. Forestry Commission Wales. 2006. View/Download.


  • Regulating the use of motor vehicles on public rights of way and off road. A guide for Local Authorities, Police and Community Safety Partnerships. DEFRA. December 2005. View/Download.
  • Making the best of byways. A practical guide for local authorities managing and maintaining byways which carry motor vehicles. DEFRA. December 2005. View/Download.
  • Report of a research project on motor vehicles on byways open to all traffic. DEFRA. January 2005. View/Download.


  • How people interact on off-road routes. Research Notes CRN32. The Countryside Agency. March 2001. View/Download.


  • Improving Rights of Way in England and Wales. An economic appraisal. DETR. August 2000. View/Download.


  • Motorcycle Misuse on the County Durham Coast. Turning the Tide. 1999. View/Download.


  • Making the best of byways. A Practical Guide on Managing the Use of Vehicles on Public Rights of Way. DETR. July 1997. Now superceded by December 2005 version (see above).


  • Unclassified County Roads. An Issues Report. Countryside Commission. 1996. View/Download.


  • The Future of Byways. A legal framework. Report to the Rights of Way Review Committee. October 1992. View/Download.
  • Motorsport in the Community: The Way Ahead. Conference Report. March 1992. View/Download.


  • Northern Motorsports Project. “The Way Ahead”. Sports Council. View/Download.


  • Motorised Sports in the Countryside. Overcoming the Challenges. The Sports Council and the Countryside Commission. Conference Report. October 1990. View/Download.


  • Access to the countryside for recreation and sport. Summary report. Countryside Commission and Sports Council. May 1986. View/Download.
  • Providing for Motorsports. From image to reality. The Sports Council. March 1986. The “Elson Report”. View/Download.


  • Off The Road Motorcycling in the East Midlands Region. Report of a working party. Sports Council. April 1985. View/Download.



  • Report of the Footpaths Committee. Ministry of Housing and Local Government Welsh Office. March 1968. The “Gosling Report”. View/Download.

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