Others – Papers and Reports

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  • The Lake District – A Cultural Landscape Under Threat. A Critical Commentary on a paper by Mr. Fritz Groothues. Geoff Wilson. September 2018. View/Download.


  • The Accurate Recording or Otherwise of Public Roads and Rights of Way
    Herefordshire Local Access Forum. November 2015. View/Download.
  • Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance Guide. US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. August 2015. View/Download.


  • Practical Management of Motorised Recreational Vehicle Activity. The Lake District Hierarchy of Trail Routes Initiative. Extract from Waymark magazine. IPROW. Summer 2014. View/Download.
  • Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for the National Street Gazetteer. A Reference Manual. GeoPlace. March 2014. View/Download.
  • A Ditch In Time. An owner’s manual for those who live and travel on dirt and gravel roads. Russ Lanoie. 2014. View/Download.


  • The County of Wiltshire (Stonehenge World Heritage Site) (Prohibition of Driving) Order 2010. The Planning Inspectorate. November 2011. View/Download.


  • CPRE’s guide to Quiet Lanes. Describes the benefits of Quiet Lanes and how to promote them. CPRE. September 2006. View/Download.


  • Cowboy Motoring – Facts and Fallacies. Countryside Recreation, Volume 13 Number 2. Summer 2005. View/Download.
  • The Lake District Hierarchy of Trail Routes. Countryside Recreation, Volume 13 Number 2. Summer 2005. View/Download.
  • Validating the Anecdotal Viewpoints of Rights of Way Officers Managing Byways. Countryside Recreation, Volume 13 Number 2. Summer 2005. View/Download.
  • Off Road Motorcycling in Greater Manchester: Identifying Solutions. Red Rose Forest. March 2005. View/Download.


  • Unclassified County Roads. A study into their status. Trail Riders Fellowship. September 2004. A seminal report, republished here with the TRF’s permission. View/Download.


  • Motorsport. The sport the planning system cannot see. Richard Fordham MRTPI. Summer 2003. View/Download.
  • Road and Way. An analysis of these expressions in the Highways and related Acts of Parliament c1500 to 1929. Alec Fry. June 2003. View/Download.


  • Pockstones Moor Project. Ancient Road Conservation Volunteers / Daletrax Limited. April 2000. View/Download.
  • Scar House Project. Ancient Road Conservation Volunteers / Daletrax Limited. March 2000. View/Download.


  • Surface of Minor Highways Conference. Byways and Bridleways Trust. Programme and Papers. July 1995. View/Download.

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