Update on the ‘Vnuk consultation’

We are now able to update the advice given in this News posting.

Individuals are encouraged to visit http://www.fightvnuk.co.uk/ and Sign the Petition linked from the Home Page. Or, alternatively, you can go straight to the online petition here. Do this now!

We call on all motoring¬†organisations, clubs, and representative groups to respond to the Government’s online consultation on behalf of their members and the people they represent. It is linked here. The governing bodies will be providing advice, to their member clubs, on how to complete the consultation and everyone is encouraged to await this advice before doing any more than sign the petition linked above.

We understand that the main governing bodies of motorsport (ACU, AMCA, MSA), together with the MCIA and MIA, are still in negotiations with the Government and will be submitting their own responses to the consultation in early March (the final date for submissions is 31 March 2017).

Please sign-up for email alerts, as below, and you will receive notification when the advice for sports organisations, clubs, and representative groups is available.