Unsealed Unclassified Roads – LARA Report

We have just published an updated version of our report on Unsealed Unclassified Roads – Their History, Status, and the Effect of the Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006. The first version of this LARA report was published in March 2013. This major revision incorporates some minor changes to the original text, and three additional sections dealing with the relationship between roads, as recorded on the highway authority’s ‘List of Streets’, and byways open to all traffic (BOATs), as recorded on the ‘Definitive Map and Statement’ of public rights of way. The report is available on the LARA – Publications page of this website.

We welcome all comments, and suggestions for clarification or improvement. LARA and its Member Organisations are ready and willing to work with highway authorities, and the various non-motorised user groups, to preserve this important part of our national heritage.