New LARA Publication

LARA has just published “Managing Motor Vehicle Use in the Countryside – A Good Practice Guide to Traffic Management on Unsealed Public Roads”.

Read Managing Motor Vehicle Use in the Countryside.

This completes the refresh of the suite of LARA publications covering the key topics of maintenance, enforcement and traffic management. This fourth document in the suite replaces both parts of the previous “Traffic Management Hierarchy” publication.

It provides public authorities in England and Wales with a practical guide on managing the lawful and responsible use of motor vehicles on unsealed roads and byways. It will also help other interests to understand the processes involved and issues raised.

We believe it is in everyone’s interests to see the highways network properly used and well managed and maintained. We share the Government’s aim of preserving and protecting our network of green lanes for the benefit of all users.

Parliament has already provided all the mechanisms needed to manage the use of motor vehicles. It is a question of how best to employ them. LARA and its members are keen to invest our expertise and resources to ensure this happens and assist with this in practical ways. This guide will help with that aim.