Motoring Stakeholder Working Group

The MSWG had its second meeting on 6 April with a high turnout of members. The Group is now trying to find a member or observer from Wales, as many of the issues are common to both England and Wales and new environmental legislation is coming up in the Welsh Assembly in the near future. Each of the four sub-groups (traffic regulation, unsealed unclassified roads, surface standards, and unlawful / anti-social driving) now has a first draft report, and members will continue to develop these before the next meeting, currently scheduled for late June 2017. Read the background to the MSWG on the Current Activities page.

We are still looking for photographs, magazine articles, personal recollections, etc., showing everyday motoring (not competition events) on unsealed roads from circa 1980, and back as far as we can go. Read more on this page.